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Somehow @thefoldrock has a connection w/ the person who designed and is selling the I’m with Coco merchandise. Dan was asked to write a song to go along w/ the design and this is what he came up with. It is pretty catchy… you will find yourself hours after listening to this song singing “I’m with Coco.”  enjoy :)

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The Fold release Dear Future, Come Get Me

As the Music Industry struggles to exist, many bands have been forced to call it quits. The Fold, who just as easily could have called it quits, is doing the exact opposite. The band took a sink or swim approach when they parted ways with their label, Tooth & Nail Records. With the release of their strongest effort to date, Dear Future, Come Get Me, The Fold is taking matters into their own hands. Singer Daniel Castady recently told Bands On Fire: "It would have been comfortable for us to stay [with our label], but that’s about it. The way things are now, no one besides the band can make or break success, it’s really up to us to make our mark. We’re finally ready to take responsibility and take this thing where we want it to go!" Why not? I mean, this is a band who knows a thing or two about the music industry. They’ve done their fair share of social networking — and they do it well. They’ve built a fan base, they’ve paid their dues. It’s an exciting time for The Fold and I, for one, couldn’t be more stoked! Dear Music Industry, Come get them!

-Buffalo Music Examiner, Jillian Smolinski

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