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So Dan and I decided to break the news to the world that we are having a baby in August. He was real mad when he caught me drinking and smoking w/ my belly hangin’ out. LOL!

I got the idea for this photo from Heather Armstrong of Dooce.com. She is one of my favorite bloggers and I had to make my own version of the photo.

Back to all seriousness, I’m gonna try to answer all the questions people always ask me, so the rest of this entry might seem like a list.

I am currently 22wks along and everything is going great!

I’m hoping to deliver naturally (w/o drugs), and the good thing is my doctor is on board with us. I’m looking into finding a doula or a lamaze coach to guide Dan and I through preparation of labor. We are both really excited and trusting God in the process.

My cravings consist of dairy products; ice cream, cereal and cookies dipped in milk.

We had fun naming my belly “CHIP!” In the future if you hear me talking about Chip you’ll know that I’m referring to the baby :)

We decided not to find out the sex because how often do you get good surprises in life. I know that no matter if it is a boy or girl I’m going to love it the same. Dan and I do have a list of baby names but the thought of actually deciding is beyond us at this point. I’m hoping we can rely on a good list and decide on the name once we meet Chip.

That is all for now, I hope you get a kick out of the staged photos. We laughed our butts off after seeing it :)

Lauren + Dan

Photo by Sarah Crump. She’s the bestest :)

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